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Friday, January 11, 2019

Happy 4th Anniversary

29th November 2019 we are legally as husband and wife. I got surprised during that day. Morning as usual. but when Im in my office someone called said, want to deliver goods. Then I went to receptionist and got this..

Surprise anniversary that have been planned by my husband. Yeay!. but actually little bit disappointing because previously, I already make a wish and whispered "abang, sayang teringin telekung siti khadijah".huhuhu..he supposed gave me that. I though this was the only present for the anniversary. <3

When coming home. Ting.. Ting.. Ting...

as my wish, he gave me second surprise. masa ni mata da ber kaca. Thank you husband.

da siap letak dalam bekas kaca baru nampak ceria sikit bunga nya =p

Thank you husband, happybunch, and telekung Siti Khadijah. They made my day special. 

For my husband, I gave him perfume from bodyshop White Musk® Sport Eau De Toilette (no picture taken from my side) and love card. I did it by myself by taken the template from here canon website for tempate . Nice right. huhuhu. you can try it too..

That all. Bye~