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Friday, December 21, 2018

Kyochon (OU)

On 6th December we had team activity. We went to bowling at One Utama, Damansara.
After bowling activity we got meal in Kyochon. Below our menu.

Soy Garlic Series

Six pieces. For soy Garlic, the chicken taste garlic. Who love chicken with healthy ingredient may choose this as your order. Not spicy and not too sweet.

Red Pepper Series

Whole chicken. The spicy was really nice. It make you want to eat and eat.

Honey Series

Six pieces. Chicken with honey, the chicken was sweet. This is suitable for those who not eat spicy food. Also can help natural your tongue after eat spicy.

Which is not in picture, we also order Organic Green Salad and rice.

So far this is recommended place for you to have gathering or team lunch.

Website: Kyochon

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Marhaba Restaurant (Publika)

On last 6 Jul 2018 we went to Marhaba Restaurant. Our boss again have treated. The food so nice from east world.

We have ordered as below dishes:
This was their roti. So big. Adviced to order one for four peoples. So you can enjoy to have other foods. If not this roti really can make your stomach full because the size will take your time to finish it.

Also nice

This was ginger tea. I think this one free if you eat here.

More info/menu please visit their website:

Monday, November 5, 2018

Tasty Chapathi (PJ)

We went to Tasty Chapati last week Halal North India Food at Two Square Dataran 3 Two PJ. One of clique farewell. Our boss from India introduce this place to get lunch team farewell. For me the food was nice and tasty. Had variety plates to be chosen. Below was our menus of the day. 

we also have spicy kebab (can choose very spicy,medium and light spicy),cheese kebab and tandoori chicken
 Above picture was chapati, butter milk chicken (like curry), and the green color was palak paneer which had cottage cheese (vege for us very nice)

more you can visit: tasty chapathi